Saturday, December 29, 2012

Reflection on Domestic Violence

          It appears as if there is massive human rights violation especially among immigrant women who are married by some abusive American natives. In the past, domestic violence was mainly dominant among the natives. Although there are legislations that have been put in place  in place to make sure that rights of immigrant women are not abused, it is definitely a cumbersome legal process to curtail this kind of human rights abuse. For instance, it is worth noting that most of the women victims find it difficult to resist any kind of domestic violence from their male spouses because they fear being deported. For most of these victims, they settled in the foreign states in order to seek greener pastures. Hence, any slight idea of going back to their native countries is highly rejected. 
       On the other hand, the civil society groups that advocate for human rights in the United States have indeed played their role in terms of championing for basic rights among victims of domestic violence. In spite of these campaigns, it may still take a lot of time and resources for individual cases of domestic violence to be addressed. This difficulty is perhaps attributed by two main challenges. Firstly, there are numerous cases of immigrant couples who are abused domestically. As a result, it makes it cumbersome for domestic violence courts to handle such cases promptly. Secondly, lack of willingness to file law suits among  some victims of domestic violence has significantly hindered the process of curtailing the vice. 
       Therefore, it will take some lengthy period of time before all cases of domestic violence are addressed. Needless to say, there are cases whereby racism still plays an important part in influencing the judgments leveled against perpetrators of domestic violence.    

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