Monday, December 31, 2012

Passing of gun violence measures by Obama in 2013

I fully agree with the desire by president Obama to pass new gun violence measures even as we usher in 2013. The recent spate of killings by gunmen leave no option but to adopt stricter legislations that will cut down deaths related to gunshots.  What is your take on this? Leave your comments below.


  1. My take is that "adopting stricter legislation" isn't going to do anything. Not sure how the pictures you have posted that include grenade launchers and what appear to be automatic weapons have anything to do with civilian rifles. Guns save lives and passing more laws to appease fear will only help criminals. Keep in mind that there was already an "assault rifle" ban in place where the Sandy Hook tragedy happened.

    So yeah there are lots of other more practical reality based options that are available. How many parents know enough about firearms to talk to their children about them? Even if they don't own a firearm they should at least understand how they work so they can speak to their kids about it. You never know what they will come across in someone else's house and they should be educated to know what to do. It astounds me that anti gun advocates never bring that up and somehow, by creating more gun free zones, this makes it so a criminal won't continue breaking the law.

    So that's my take on that.

  2. Thanks a lot for your comment. Indeed, there are several available options for gun control.

  3. when it come to protecting me and my sons and there mother and my mother Im wit the law but when you have p0eple hurting runners for no reason we need to protect the ones that cant protect thim seaves