Monday, December 31, 2012

How to avoid plagiarism-important points to note

             When consulting other people’s writings, always acknowledge them regardless of who they are!
  •  Deal with search engines and websites with extra caution since they can be easily accessed and copied. However, you still need to dignify the author/ originator/ developer of the work being consulted.
  •  Paraphrase to demonstrate your adequate comprehension of your thoughts and knowledge. Nonetheless, you equally need to reference if they are not your personal thoughts.
  •  Long quotations should be avoided. They do not demonstrate thorough understanding of the text.
  •  Be keen with secondary sources – as much as possible try to locate the source so that you are not merely saying what one writer said about another.
  •  Get into the habit of proper citing. for instance,  author & date (Harvard and APA) or author and page number (for MLA citations). 
  •  You need to make sure that your reference and bibliography lists are properly compiled. If your list contains less than THREE texts that are original, then it may not be adequate.
  •  Seek assistance or further guidance if doubtful or puzzled by the technicalities.
  •  Test your drafts with software or tutors/lecturers.
  •  Ultimately, be confident in your personal creation and capability because it is needed by other people as well!
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